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2012 Common Entrance Results

Press Conference on Common Entrance results, July 6, 2012 Dr.Hon.  Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, M.P Minister of Education, Sports, Youth & Gender Affairs

Good morning members of the press; Principals of primary schools and the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Once again the Ministry of Education is pleased to  share with you the results of the 2012 Common entrance examinations. This year we are indeed happy to be sharing this moment with the Principals of Primary schools who are here with us  today. We have heard the cries from our principals and we felt it was important that the principals should get this information before the general public, so here we are in the same space sharing. Principals will receive their schools’ results right after this press conference.

As per usual, I have with me Patricia Collins, Deputy Director of Education with responsibility for Measurement & Evaluation. She is directly responsible for the administration of Primary school exams in the Ministry of Education.

Let me start by commending the Measurement and Evaluation Department for an excellent job in completing the marking, grading and placement at least two weeks earlier than previous years. Last year we had this Press conference on July 15, 2011. So they have done a wonderful job to have it completed prior to the end of the academic year so that you the principals can have it even before you break for summer vacation and parents as well can begin to prepare uniforms etc for the new academic year. Please give Mrs. Collins and her hardworking team a round of applause.

The 2012 Common Entrance Examination [CEE] was conducted over a two-day period, June 6 - June 7. A total of 1577 students from twenty-nine government primary and thirty-one (31 private primary schools wrote this examination. Students were assessed in four core areas, namely Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

2012 CEE Common Entrance Results
2012 CEE Top Students 

Full breakdown of students who sat the CEE